Sacred Money School helps those who are transitioning into a new chapter of their life uncover and understand their Unique Money Code so that they can create financial freedom. When it comes to money, sooner or later there’s a wake-up call that happens for each of us.

The wake-up call is your opportunity.

It’s your decision to choose to do something differently and get a different result.


You're tired of feeling like you're failing at money.

You don't know where to start and every time you try something new, it doesn't work out.

You feel like you're stuck in a cycle of financial stress and insecurity.

Imagine a group of people, just like you, who are working towards financial freedom. At Sacred Money School, you'll have access to all the resources and support you need to finally get your finances under control and step into your next level of financial confidence and abundance.

Sacred Money School will help you uncover and understand your Unique Money Code so that you can generate wealth on your own terms.



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Sacred Money School helps us understand our money story, our beliefs, and how that has shaped our relationship with money.

We learn to build new, prosperous money habits that allow us to generate wealth on our terms.

We offer a judgment-free space to share your stories and get support on your path to financial freedom.

You will have access to exclusive content, including interviews with experts in the fields of personal finance, entrepreneurship, and more...

  • Get support from people who understand what you're going through Uncover your Unique Money Code and learn how to leverage it into your money super powers
  • Create new money habits that work for you, not against you
  • Generate wealth in a way that's authentic to you

What others are saying about Sacred Money School

THANK YOU!!! Wow, that was an incredible session this morning at The Sacred Money School. Michelle and Lisa, thank you for holding this sacred space for women and for sharing such important life-changing info with us. Michelle, thank you for your incredible wisdom and coaching and for helping me experience 2 major breakthroughs this morning on money boundaries!!! WOW

Am I doing too much for my kids?
Am I weakening them by doing too much?
How do I set money boundaries?

Michelle made me realize people may be giving me their opinions as far as what to do but they are giving their opinion through their lens, through their experiences, through their beliefs.

Are they valid for Me?

I learned so much in this class.

Ladies if you have signed up for the Sacred Money School please come join us. Make it a priority, and put it on your calendar.
Yes, life is busy, and yes as women we wear a lot of different hats but this will benefit you in so many ways.

YOU deserve this special time together with other powerful women.

We don't know what we don't know!!

This catchphrase came up this morning.

I did not realize how my lack of money boundaries was affecting me physically and emotionally.

What are some things that are holding you back that you are not aware of?

I am sure they will come up in the Sacred Money School sessions and you will be that much freer wiser and lighter and more in tune with your money power when you let them go!

Hope to see you all next time we gather together in The Sacred Money School!

Much Love,

Lori 💜🎉

We support those who want to create lasting change in their finances and the dollars in their bank account.

  • Gain access to exclusive content, trainings and tools that will help you understand your Unique Money Code and build new money habits.
  • Work with a mentor who has created wealth her own way and learn from her mistakes and successes.
  • Get support from others who are also on their journey to creating sustainable wealth.



All pricing is USD

Meet Our Team

Michelle Cooper

Michelle is the high priestess of profit, a spiritual gangsta, CEO of Alchemy Accounting & Bookkeeping, and author of several books. For many years, Michelle wore the “money struggle” like a badge of honour – working herself to death trying to make a buck. However, over ten years ago she realized by working with her own clients, that there are some keys to abundance that significantly shifted her wealth.

Today, Michelle supports the growth of her client’s business with real strategic planning while also addressing the mindset issues that arise with growth, in order to bust through and rise up to levels they never dreamed possible. She co-created Sacred Money School to bring these teachings and this knowledge to a wider audience because she wants more people to live in an abundant world.

Lisa Broome

Lisa is a money mentor, Chartered Professional Accountant, passionate numbers nerd and CEO of Inspiring Prosperity Inc. For a long time, Lisa hid her struggle with money behind over-working and trying to take care of everyone around her financially. It was through her work with clients, and a major life experience, that she realized that each of us has unique way of being with money that allows us to create greater abundance, if we are willing to embrace it.

Now, Lisa supports people in creating wealth on their terms, through strategic, values-based planning, and releasing limiting money beliefs that are holding them back. She co-created Sacred Money School to be able to share this knowledge in a sacred space where people can feel safe and supported while taking powerful steps to create greater abundance in their lives.